“Phoebe Sumter Medical Center, with over 340 employees, plays a fundamental role in Americus and Sumter County. Partnering with both Georgia Southwestern University and South Georgia Technical College; our vision for strengthening Workforce Development is bright. Phoebe Sumter Medical Center is excited to participate in One Sumter and fully supports the initiative toward coalitions of business and citizens for the betterment of our community.”

Brandi Lunneborg, CEO Phoebe Sumter Medical Center

Brandi Lunneborg

CEO Phoebe Sumter Medical Center

Barry Blount

City of Americus Mayor

“What I really like with One Sumter is the fact we’re getting young people in our community involved and so they can take a look at what the future holds for Sumter County.” “What I picture through One Sumter is a very vibrant community with all aspects of the community growing."
Bill Harris Sr., Chairman of the Board Glover Wholesale
“In today’s competition for new business, we can’t just sit back and wait for success to come our way. The new One Sumter five-year initiative will enable us to pursue those companies together that will compliment our existing businesses and make a significant difference in our region’s economy and quality of life. We are proud to support One Sumter and encourage our business leaders to invest in the future of Americus and Sumter County."
Barry Blount, City of Americus Mayor

"It's time for us to come together as a community family and unwrap our future."

Brad Lafevers, Campaign General Chair

“One Sumter is an effort to recharge our community and focus on opportunities ahead of us and work together to achieve those goals."

Rick Whaley, President Citizens Bank of Americus

Rick Whaley

Advance Division Co-Chair

Brad Lafevers

Campaign General Chair

“I believe it’s now time for us to take charge of this community and to take charge of our future. Every demographic study you look at indicates that within 20 years the population of Sumter County will be much smaller than it is today, it will be older and it will be poorer. That tends to lead to the slippery slope that ultimately creates the demise of the community. I think that today is the day that we step forward as a community, come together and dictate our own future.”

Brad Lafevers, President & CEO Atlantic Western Transportation

Paul Hall

Campaign Leadership Council Co-Chair

Bill Harris, Sr.

Campaign Leadership Council Co-Chair

"As of Friday June 5th we have received $1,867,500 in pledges. 

That's 93% of our $2 million goal.

Thank you to all of our investors.

Now's the time to step up and be counted!"

Governor Nathan Deal

Governor State of Georgia

“Smart, sustainable growth must be carefully planned and executed. The ASPDA’s Business Action Plan is an ambitious program, which will enable the Sumter County to put its best foot forward when competing for more and better jobs and a stronger economy. I urge all of the business leaders in our area to stand and be counted for the One Sumter initiative.”

Randy Howard, Sumter County Commission

Randy Howard

Sumter County Commission

“I would like Sumter County to be known as the place where potential begins! One Sumter is the initiative we all need to get behind.”“We must address critical needs in the areas such as new targeted businesses that can grow and succeed in our community."
Paul Hall, ASPDA Chairman, Mgr. Special Projects, Imerys Refract. Minerals​

"It is my goal to maintain Georgia's ranking as the number one state in which to do business, and the One Sumter initiative is a prime example of our economy moving forward. This foundation's investment in the Americus Sumter Payroll Development Authority's Business Action Plan will help revitalize Sumter County through economic development, workforce development, marketing, and transportation improvements. Building up new infrastructure in Americus and Sumter County will bring new businesses and jobs to the community while at the same time enhancing the County's existing employment base."

Nathan Deal, Governor State of Georgia

“These are exciting times for the Sumter County area! Strong municipal and county officials working closely with dedicated corporate leaders to implement a visionary new five-year Business Action Plan for economic and community development. The Americus Sumter County Payroll Development Authority is the right organization at the right time. Now let’s all give our best and push this campaign over the top!”

Bill Twomey, CAO Sumter County

Bill Twomey

CAO Sumter County