Frequently Asked Questions
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Q: What is the One Sumter campaign?

A:        The One Sumter campaign is a fundraising initiative to underwrite a five-year Strategic Plan to stimulate community and economic development in Americus and Sumter County.

Q: Who is leading the One Sumter campaign?

A:        Brad Lafevers, President / CEO of Atlantic Western Transportation, is the Campaign General Chairman; Bill Harris, Sr. and Paul Hall, both leaders of the Americus Sumter Payroll Development Authority, are the Co-Chairs of the Campaign Leadership Council.

Q: Is One Sumter affiliated with any organization?

A:        One Sumter is the five-year Business Action Plan of the Americus Sumter Payroll Development Authority (ASPDA) and is a non-profit 501 (C) (3) foundation. The ASPDA Board of Directors includes many public and private leaders throughout Sumter County.

Q: How will the One Sumter five-year initiative be funded?

A:        One Sumter will be underwritten by a community-wide fund-raising initiative. This vital program will cost $2,000,000 over five years, or an average of $400,000 per year.

Q: What does the One Sumter five-year Business Action Plan include?

A:        There are four components of the One Sumter Plan: Economic Development, Workforce Development, Marketing/Communications, and Transportation.

Q: How much should we pledge?

A:        Each pledge request for the One Sumter campaign has been carefully considered and evaluated. A volunteer executive will contact you to arrange an appointment to answer any questions you have about One Sumter and discuss your five-year investment in this important program.

Q: How was the amount of my pledge determined?

A:        A select committee of corporate and community leaders representing all business sectors in Sumter County carefully determined each pledge request in the One Sumter campaign. This Campaign Evaluation Committee considered the financial capacity of each corporate prospect as well as their leadership position in our community before suggesting a target pledge request.

Q: Is our investment in One Sumter tax deductible?

A:        An investment in One Sumter may be tax deductible as a trade/business expense. One Sumter is a 501 (C) (3) foundation.  However, you should contact your tax professional for specific information and advice.

Q: How will funds raised by One Sumter be used in the County?

A:        Annual funding will be used as follows:  Economic Development= $130,000/yr., Workforce Development=  $50,000/yr., 

Marketing/Communications= $100,000/yr., Transportation= $120,000/yr.    Total Investment for five years=  $2,000,000

Q: Who will benefit from the One Sumter initiative?

A:        Every business, every professional, and every citizen in the Greater Sumter County area will benefit. Economic and Workforce Development will have a significant impact across the entire county. Expansions of existing business and industry, new entrepreneurial opportunities, as well as new business will create new jobs, new capital investments, new and expanded payrolls and new tax revenues.

Q: Will we be kept informed of the progress and achievements of One Sumter?

A:        Yes. One Sumter will host an annual One Sumter Shareholders’ Meeting with business leaders, elected officials and education leaders from Sumter County to review the year’s accomplishments and present the next year’s program of work. One Sumter will also generate an annual report card that will measure its progress in the accomplishments of the goals and objectives of the five-year program.

Q: Will we receive recognition of our investment in One Sumter?

A:        Yes. At the conclusion of the One Sumter campaign an Honor Roll of Investors will be published in the local newspaper and a plaque erected at the ASPDA offices in honor of all who are sponsoring this extraordinary five-year program.

Q: Is economic and workforce development only concerned with bringing new business to Americus - Sumter County?

A:        No. National research studies confirm that as many as 70% of new jobs in a community are created by existing business and industry. A key component of the One Sumter five-year Strategic Plan is to assist Sumter County’s existing businesses grow and prosper.

Q: Is the Public Sector participating in the One Sumter five-year program?

A:        Yes. Through the years, the City of Americus and Sumter County elected officials have played a critical role in the community and economic development process. For One Sumter to succeed, it is important that the Public Sector continue their strong support.

Q: If so, why are you asking the Private Sector to participate?

A:        If One Sumter is to be a true “public-private partnership” for economic and workforce development in the Sumter County area, it is essential that our corporate leaders join our elected officials “at the table”. Successful economic and community development depends on the synergy of a cooperative team approach by all of the leaders in the greater Sumter County community.

Q: Why can’t a SPLOST be used to fund One Sumter?

A:        A Special-Purpose Local-Option Sales Tax (SPLOST) can only be used to fund capital outlay projects such as a “brick & mortar” or a tangible element. A SPLOST cannot be used for intangible projects such as workforce development, programing, communications, or marketing. 

Q: Can I get additional information about One Sumter?

A:        Yes. Contact Mary Beth Bass at the One Sumter at 229.815.1669.