Phoebe Sumter Medical Center, with over 340 employees, plays a fundamental role in Americus and Sumter County. Partnering with both Georgia Southwestern University and South Georgia Technical College; our vision for strengthening Workforce Development is bright. Phoebe Sumter Medical Center is excited to participate in One Sumter and fully supports the initiative toward coalitions of business and citizens for the betterment of our community.

Brandi LunneborgCEO, Phoebe Sumter Medical Center

One Sumter is an effort to recharge our community and focus on opportunities ahead of us and work together to achieve those goals.

Rick WhaleyCitizens Bank of Americus

Smart, sustainable growth must be carefully planned and executed. The ASPDA’s Business Action Plan is an ambitious program, which will enable the Sumter County to put its best foot forward when competing for more and better jobs and a stronger economy. I urge all of the business leaders in our area to stand and be counted for the One Sumter initiative.

Randy HowardSumter County Commission

One Sumter removes all barriers so that we no longer have an excuse not to succeed.

Patrick KayMain Street Director, City of Americus

Everyone has great ideas to make our city better, but often times finances and support are a hindrance to making those ideas a realty. One Sumter and Mary Beth gives our community the tools to make great ideas a realty. It’s hard together a group of people to talk about some real issues in our community and how to start the steps to improve these issues, being a part of the group that helped come up with the diversity council was an eye opening experience and was handled so well and thought out. One Sumter allows us to have these different types of conversations in a healthy and productive way.

Divya PatelBest Western Plus Windsor Hotel

The One Sumter initiative has provided a ‘vehicle’ for open collaboration, discussion and networking for Imerys Refractory Minerals. We continue to foster our relationship with One Sumter through the many projects within Sumter County in general, and the training and development  of our employees specifically, as these factors are key to our continued and future success.

Gerritt PosthumusImerys Refractory Minerals

I’ve been traveling across Georgia sharing what the future of our state will look like as we see dramatic changes over the next 12 years. Although our bigger cities continue to see substantial economic growth, our rural communities are struggling. While a lot of the data I’ve been sharing is shocking and even harsh to accept, it is a crucial and important conversation that must take place if we want to keep Georgia as the number one state to work, live, and do business. One Sumter is a great model of what other Georgia communities should be imitating. This powerful initiative is transforming the future of Sumter County by furthering economic prosperity, addressing harsh truths, and creating opportunities for residents. To that end, the Georgia Chamber is a proud partner and supporter of One Sumter, and we look forward to continuing to work together.

Chris ClarkPresident & CEO, Georgia Chamber of Commerce