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Locate South Georgia Leads

With regional partnerships as a focus of One Sumter’s economic development efforts, the foundation serves in a pivotal role for the 21-County regional leadership development initiative, Locate South Georgia LEADS (LSGL). As the entity responsible for coordinating the eight-month leadership experience, One Sumter is establishing partnerships across the region, and state, to tell the stories of South Georgia and leveraging the resources of the University of Georgia to instill critical leadership competencies to strengthen the leadership base of the region now and in the years to come.

A collaborative of Locate South Georgia, the Georgia Chamber of Commerce, and UGA’s J.W. Fanning Institute for Leadership Development, LSGL is the state’s largest regional leadership program representing some 21 Counties across South Georgia. LSGL is designed to facilitate awareness of issues  that are essential to the future success of the region by giving participants the necessary skills and training needed to effectively lead South Georgia in the 21st Century economy.

Graduating a class of 32 leaders in march of this year, the program is moving forward aggressively with another cohort of 34 business and civic leaders to engage in the leadership experience yet again, starting in August 2017. With a foundation of the 21 economic developers that make up Locate South Georgia, plus some 10 or so affiliates that make up the economic development collaborative – coupled with the inaugural class of 32 and the next cohort of 34 – LSGL has already netted 100 individuals in just three years driving the economic message of South Georgia at every opportunity.

LSGL links regional site visits and issue awareness to relevant leadership development content within the framework of the Locate South GeorgiaLEADS priorities.

The purpose of Locate South Georgia LEADS is to develop informed, aware, and educated leaders to promote and grow South Georgia by:

  • Increasing awareness of assets and resources;
  • Creating a shared sense of regional pride and ownership in both action and solutions;
  • Strengthening partnerships and alliances and
  • Enhancing political influence and acuity to support the needs and opportunities of South Georgia.

Locate South GeorgiaLEADS is recruiting for third cohort! Deadline to apply is July 13, 2018. All documents for application and sponsorship opportunities are provided below.