providing broadband access to rural sumter county

Pineland I & II

enhancing access to quality broadband expansion

One of the biggest accomplishments in 2022 was the awarding of $25.3 Million broadband expansion to One Sumter. Combined with local funding, a total of over $33 Million will be invested in Sumter County for a new giga-bit enabled fiber-optic broadband network that will cover all 66% of Sumter County’s land area that is still suffering from a lack of adequate high-speed broadband service. One Sumter’s grant application was bolstered by the fact the applicant (One Sumter) is a community-supported and funded non-profit working in partnership with the local government (Sumter County) and an established service provider (Pineland Communications) to provide significant local matching funds.  The broadband grant to One Sumter was the largest award given in this round of funding by the Governor’s Office of Planning & Budget. Service will extend into all areas where speeds are inadequate and where there are no firm obligations by other providers to offer robust broadband service. The new broadband network, to be owned and operated by Pineland, will provide minimum speeds of 100 Mbps download / 100Mbps upload (with available giga-bit speed wherever needed).

It will be transformational for the citizens and businesses of Sumter County, expanding educational opportunities for students and adults, improving the quality of life for all citizens, and providing a service that is vital for attracting new business and industry while also encouraging business expansions.

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“One Sumter has been a shining light in Sumter County for nearly a decade. Their ability and willingness to take on issues and challenges that seem impossible is what sets them apart. Their track record speaks for itself, securing millions of dollars in grant funding as well as private investment. From the first meeting we had in 2017, it was evident that the mission of Pineland and One Sumter could together create something special in Sumter County. Six years later, we are on the cusp of doing just that with our advanced fiber to the home project. Pineland is honored to be working with One Sumter to make Sumter County a better place to live, work, and raise a family.”

Dustin Durden, Chief Executive Officer, Pineland Telephone Cooperative, Inc