2015-2019 original initiative

Original Initiative


Business Action Plan

The Americus Sumter Payroll Development Authority, ASPDA, has had a tremendous impact in the past for Sumter County – helping to create thousands of new and expanded jobs, resulting in a direct increase of additional payroll, and hundreds of millions in new capital investment. Current competition for attracting and retaining new opportunities calls for a bold initiative if we are to lead once again. Therefore, the ASPDA embarked on a five-year economic and community development initiative – “One Sumter” – that will shape the future of our area and improve the quality of life throughout Sumter County. This program is essential to the success of our business and industry and to the prosperity and well being of our people, as we endeavor to secure our place as an economic leader in our region. The One Sumter initiative has four interrelated and supporting components. They are Economic Development, Workforce Development, Marketing/ Communications, and Transportation.

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Economic Development

For Americus and Sumter County to realize its full potential, our community must expand its economic development efforts. The Payroll Development Authority in collaboration with our Economic Development Partners including the City of Americus, the Sumter County Board of Commissioners and others must address critical needs in the area such as recruiting new targeted business and industry compatible with our existing business and industry…assisting our existing businesses to grow and succeed…and forging strong regional alliances among our local, state and federal government agencies to promote Sumter County’s economic well-being. Through this five-year initiative, to be called “One Sumter”, the Americus Sumter Payroll Development Authority will:

Action Items:

  • Expand and Enhance Economic Development in the Sumter County area
  • Enhance Downtown Redevelopment
  • Establish Regional Partnerships to Accelerate Economic Development
  • Enhance Higher Education in Sumter County
  • Develop High Speed Fiber Optics in Sumter County
  • Support the Development of the Racing Community as well as Recreational and Entertainment Industries in the Sumter County area
  • Improve Retail Sales in the Sumter County area
  • Support the Expansion of Tourism to Underscore the Carter Legacy
  • Support the Development of Sumter County as a Retirement Destination 


Five-Year Goals:

  • Create 2,500 new jobs from new and existing targeted business and industry
  • Support the implementation of the Georgia Renaissance Plan for downtown Americus through cooperative coordination of efforts once the Renaissance Strategic Vision Plan is activated
  • Establish a blue-ribbon task force comprised of Sumter County corporate leaders, elected officials and education leaders to develop strategies for critical workforce and education issues
  • Develop and implement a regional Economic Development marketing strategy with surrounding Counties highlighting local quality of life enhanced through excellence of the region’s health care system for all phases of life
  • Develop printed material and video to promote and publicize Targeted Recreational and Entertainment Industries as an example of the community’s attraction for the racing, recreational and entertainment community
  • Advocate the establishment of high-speed fiber optics lines to serve Sumter County
  • Increase retail sales in Sumter County by 10% over the next five years
  • Add a minimum of 200 acres of new industrial sites, rail served, with all utilities on the east side of Sumter County

Workforce Development

Americus and Sumter County business leaders must work closely with our education partners to enable our residents to develop their talents and become productive members of the Sumter County workforce. Having a highly qualified workforce enables us to recruit new quality jobs. This same well-trained workforce is equally important to the success of our existing business and industry. The Payroll Development Authority will work closely with employers throughout Americus and Sumter County to ensure that their future labor needs are met in a timely manner.  The Americus Sumter Payroll Development Authority will:

Action Items:

  • Establish a Model Workforce Training Program in collaboration with our K12 and Higher Educational Partners
  • Collaborate with the Local Educational Boards to Determine How the Sumter County Corporate Community Can Engage and Support the Education Process
  • Determine Future Workforce Skill Needs in Sumter County Communicate and Publicize Available Jobs for the Local Workforce
  • Host an Annual Job Fair and Business Showcase to Include Agricultural, Skilled Labor and Healthcare Industries 

Five-Year Goals:

  • Annually present career options to all 9th and 10th grade students in Sumter County
  • Coordinate a mentoring program to expose high school students to Business, Industry & Healthcare fields
  • Host an annual select panel conference to include; private school headmaster, public school superintendent, and corporate leaders
  • Survey 100 Sumter County businesses annually to determine their future workforce needs highlighting business, industry, agriculture and healthcare
  • Save a minimum of 500 existing jobs in Sumter County by monitoring current and future job skill requirements
  • Establish a Sumter County Jobs Network website link to publicize available jobs in the area
  • Host an annual Sumter County Job Fair and Business Showcase to promote area business, industry, agriculture, and healthcare opportunities​

Marketing & Communications

Americus and Sumter County must enhance its image as a community in tune with its heritage and focused on its future. We have much to be thankful for and much that needs change. Great people, a beautiful setting, abundant natural resources, strong values and a superlative work ethic just to name a few of the things that make Sumter County great. Working together, we will re-define Americus and Sumter County as a unique destination where people will want to visit, work, live and raise a family. Over the next five years, the Payroll Development Authority will: 

Action Items:

  • Re-Brand and Enhance the Image of Americus and Sumter County
  • Develop and Implement New Media and Messaging Venues
  • Strengthen Relations among local Government, Business and Industry
  • Develop and Implement an Internal Marketing Plan
  • Develop New Marketing and Communication Tools


Five-Year Goals:

  • Develop and implement an Economic Development Marketing Plan for Americus and Sumter County that includes internal and external marketing strategies to enhance the image of the community
  • Generate a minimum of 50 direct quality leads annually for new and existing economic development prospects in the Sumter County area through targeted marketing
  • Establish a Sumter County Forum comprised of elected officials and corporate leaders to meet quarterly to improve the community and produce shared solutions
  • Develop and maintain interactive websites and social media platforms to promote community assets and to market development assets to prospective visitors, residents and businesses
  • Report on the progress of the five-year initiative no less than quarterly to all Stakeholders, the Sumter County general public and elected officials
  • Host an annual Stakeholders meeting to chart the progress of this five-year initiative​


Transportation is a critical component of the Sumter County economy over the next five years. Creating and maintaining an effective transportation infrastructure to move residents, workers and visitors around and through our community will have an impact on current and future businesses in Americus and Sumter County. Our ability to attract new business, to promote existing business and to enhance our tourism industry will depend heavily on our transportation system. Over the next five years, the Americus Sumter Payroll Development Authority will: 

Action Items:

  • Develop and Implement a Beautification Plan for Major County Ingress
  • Expand and Enhance “Way-Finding Signage”
  • Determine Transportation Needs Among Sumter County’s Manufacturing, Production and Agricultural Industries
  • Advocate to Regional and Statewide Authorities the Development and Improvements to County Roadways that are Hindering Economic Development
  • Collaborate with the Public Sector to Develop a Public Transportation System in the County
  • Develop Transportation Services to Connect Sumter County with the Columbus Airport, Albany Regional Airport and Atlanta Hartsfield Airport as the Need Develops

Five-Year Goals:

  • Promote the establishment of historic markers and a beautification plan for the nine major ingress / egress points in Sumter County and the City of Americus
  • Advocate with the City of Americus, Sumter County, Sumter County Archway Partnership and the Georgia DOT to adopt and implement a new community-wide “Way-Finding Signage Plan”
  • Develop and Implement an annual Transportation Survey of 100 business and industry leaders to identify transportation needs in Sumter County
  • Present to regional and statewide authorities the development of a Public Transportation Plan including designated routes for Sumter County​